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Future Posts Are Locked For Security

Hey everyone! So now on I will only be allowing posts to be viewed by people who have passed screening. I had a bit of a scary thing happen so I had to go dark for a while but I will be posting clips and stuff in future posts. Keep checking in!

Happy Holidays to all, I miss many people but checking on twitter now I do not even want to go on it so full of misogynists and racists. You all know I hate those things and magats.

I also hate people who contact me to try to negotiate my rates, don't do that. I will be kind in my rejection but just find someone you like who is in your range! Its not that hard there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful people out there with all ranges of rates due to their comfort level. My overhead is HIGH because I provide an experience. I've been in this business close to two decades. I am doing well and I will not downgrade myself for anyone. I do not go to your job and say you should be paid less oh and yea let me boing you in the butt (this is just for men because its only men asking me to lower my rates so I'm trying to put it in perspective for them.)

To all my amazing friends, I wish you all the best. The people who regularly visit me are amazing and make me laugh and smile and I hope I do the same! Be safe and have a fun holiday season!

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