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Yes, policies are so tedious, but we need them so everyone knows where they stand and how to proceed.  Once all the boring stuff is out of the way the amazing experiences can begin.

Deposits And Cancellations

Deposits are always mandatory, and always 50%.  I use the deposit to ensure that I won't be left all alone with the tab of expenses if one would to NCNS or cancel.  I immediately use the deposit for travel expenditures and they are non refundable.

If you were to cancel, that is what the deposit is for, if you cancel last minute it is customary to stay in good standing, to provide the remainder of the consideration.  If constant cancellation is a persistent problem, we will simply no longer plan dates.


I am always happy to provide references to friends in good standing.  However I have rules in place to keep from being taken advantage of, which has happened in the past.  One visit equals one reference and the last visit must have occured in the past 6 months. 

You must first email me and tell me you are using me as a reference, this is for your own safety, and it lets me be on the lookout for an email coming in.  Do not give out my phone number as reference, you may give them my email and I will keep on the look out.

Do not discuss me with your other dates, usually the friends I end up making are of great moral character but sometimes everything just needs to be spelled out.


This subject always sparks a lot of debate.  Here is my stance.  I cannot stop you from writing reviews, I prefer you didn't unless they are extremely bland no "juicy details," ugh.  So gross, but if you ask me I can provide you links.  

If I do find out you have written a distasteful review of me I simply won't associate with you any longer.  I prefer to keep the company of gentlemen, not keyboard crusaders.

Email Policies

I did not realize this needed to be said but do not ever ask me about services, as you are contacting me for my companionship (time) only.  Any inquiries will be met with immediate termination of our time together.

I do prefer to spend my time with respectful friends.  

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