As stated in other pages of my site and on social media, I tour often.  To find the most up to date tour information please follow my twitter at @dateerica.

I tour often, the highlighted cities are ones that are planned out.  If your city isn't listed you can still fill out a booking form to request a date and I will attempt to make it out to you.  

If I do not have a tour listed, I am available for requests with notice, and I am based in the Philadelphia Suburbs.


Secaucus October 19th - 21st

Hartford    October 21st - 23rd

Mt Laurel  October 26th - 28th


Baltimore/BWI       TBA

Boston - Waltham  TBA

Hartford                TBA

North Carolina       TBA

Fort Lauderdale     TBA

Requests Available


Fort Lauderdale     TBA

Nashville                TBA

Baltimore/BWI        TBA

NYC December 24th- 26th

Requests Available