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I often tag myself as the Voluptuous GND with a Twist.  I feel like that sums it up.  I am a petite BBW, and I am very curvaceous.  If you like curvy, soft, squeezable, warm women you need look no further.  

My hair I change it when the mood strikes, currently I am brunette again.  I always wear it long and down.  I love tan skin, and dramatic eyes.


Two things I love and could talk about forever are my love of animals, specifically my animals (but all lol,) and I love to swim.  I am constantly planning my next vacation, and if the sun is shining and I have no obligations you will find me outside. 

I am also a big family person, my life is incredibly intertwined with my family and I probably spend more time than most with my family members.  I have had the same core group of best friends for a very long time so when you meet me you may either really like me and want to be friends with me for a while or we won't vibe like that.  And that is okay because I appreciate that everyone has their own feelings, opinions, tastes.  That is what makes this work so beautiful.

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