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Willow Grove then down South!

Hello friends!! So I will be available in WG until 5/13. Then the 15th I will be driving down to Greensboro. If you want to see me in Greensboro I would only be available the 16th or 17th, because then I will be on to Knoxville and then Nashville. After that I don't know if I will tour further or go to the beach, from the 7th to the 14th I will be Greensboro exclusive (farm sitting:))

July 1st I will return to PA.

I had such a great time in Norfolk I would definitely like to return again, a friend I made there is already planning to see me in PA but I would really like more time to go there and play in the sand a bit!

I will be planning to write some more interesting, non tour based blogs in the future. I know it's not as fun with me losing my marbles over jerks on twitter but it has to do for now lol!

I am keen on ordering every color of this new lingerie I like lol so you can look forward to that, you should try to see all the colors;).

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