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Update/Back to the Other Job

So if you know me, which many of you probably don't, but ever since I was 18 like legit on my 18th bday I auditioned at a strip club, since then I have worked in SW. But also during all that time I have trained in other jobs, taken programs, gotten certified. I keep up with my licenses. Sometimes I leave sw and go back, sometimes I go half and half. Right now I am going half and half and going back to a job that is very stable. I will be available Monday to Thursday and only limited times local to me on the weekends.

If you would like to book for one of my cities outside my area it will need to be planned in advance as I will also be picking up shifts if I'm bored (not going to lie it is also free exercise, when I work this one kind of job you are on your feet running like crazy.)

I hope everyone has a great winter holiday season. I still am not back on social medias, its frankly quite a chore but it is good advertising. We will see! I did like the interaction with some clients it was fun, and also my colleagues of this world. But I come from a SW world pre social media where we just posted our ads and went about our lives. So I'm fine either way.

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