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Touring is Exhausting! But Fun!

So I have driven down to NC from my PA house, then up to Roanoke, then back to NC, then to Knoxville, then from Knoxville to Nashville, now today from Nashville to Knoxville, tomorrow from Knoxville to Charlotte, and Thursday from Charlotte to my place in NC (that's the easy one.) I am sick of driving and out of podcasts lol. There's only so much murder stories you can listen to before you start getting a litttttttle bit paranoid. That being said I want to make some notes for everyone to consider.

1) Please remember I can only work within the confines of check in and check out times.

2) If you want to schedule something on a tour please try to give as much notice as possible, I'm not a last minute person. Screening takes time and when I am on tour I do not have time to be emailing back and forth to do screening properly, and it stresses me out as I am driving, preparing, working, ect. I always come back though so keep that in mind too! You can always request a date in advance as long as you book two hours or more.

3) Do not submit multiple forms, if I didn't get back to you, you probably did not pass the first part of the screening process. I am sorry but I will not risk my own safety, the safety of my dogs, or the safety of my other clients by seeing anyone that doesn't pass my screening processes.

Now that I don't have to be Mrs. Serious (so boring,) I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour so far. The south is really blooming into spring!!! I can tell because I take benedryl every night for my allergies lol. It's very beautiful and I love the southern hospitality. I will be spending quite a bit more time down south from now on for personal reasons.

A change that will be coming up and I'll work on that next week is that I will be returning to 90m minimum time booking as I am just really driving a ton and it's better for me.

I did get some new lingerie that I really like but I do want to order another color in a smaller size because I just never know how stuff is going to fit my body but look forward to some new looks!


I will be based in Greensboro till April 18th. Then I'll be driving back up to PA I need to get more stuff and also I want to spend Mother's Day with my mom and see my sisters. So from the end of April till just before Memorial day I will be up north and available frtom Boston to Tyson's Corner. From after Memorial day weekend (I'll be spending memorial day at the pool at the farm!) I'll be available from Greensboro to Nashville and all in between sporadically (I will be farm sitting for some time.) I will post exact dates when I know them. I will be going back north from July 1 and available after the 5th from Boston to Tyson's and all in between, until probably the last week of July.

I will make a more cohesive schedule at some point. I would love to go back to Savannah at some point, and also Hilton Head Island and Charleston, and would love to get up to Chicago to go see my BFF at some point. (Goddess Malaysia Monroe she is on twitter, highly recommend her if you're in the Chicago area!!)

Social Media

At this point I really enjoy not being on twitter. It was pretty toxic for me and I like just using tryst and PD. And sporadically updating this blog lol. I am considering getting instagram, but I probably will do that...when I feel like it.

Tryst, I know you guys don't work in the industry but the way tryst allows us to post our touring information is not always accurate, trust that I don't forget you guys. Sometimes I am busy packing, checking out, driving a thousand miles I will always get back to you don't worry!

Okay, I have had a long drive I am going to feed the pups, and do my spray tan. I will update next week with a more firm schedule. I hope you all are having amazing springs (I know it just started but my allergies are feeling it! IDGAF though because it's worth it and the world is so much more beautiful with green trees and flowers! And we're so much closer to pool season. And no creepy dude who used to stalk my twitter I am not getting my pool pass in my PA hometown so you don't need to send me emails about it. (Another reason not having twitter is awesome.)

Until next time...xx Erica! additional note, I went through here and noticed a typo but can't find it now, sorry for that, and also realized I said "at some point" one BILLION times lmao! I'm not changing it, I just want to acknowledge I realize how redundant that is.... however it's staying as is!

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