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Tips For Discretion

I know that this is a weird subject, but it's a big concern for my gentleman callers. I don't really want or need to know about your private situations, to me that's sacred to you and your partner. But if we meet up and spend time together you need to protect yourself.

A big concern is the deposit situation. I will never not require a deposit. When I first started when I was a young pup (legal age of course,) I started at an agency there was no such thing as deposit. But at least with the agency they took care of the hotels and travel and half of it came out of my cut. And I was busier then...I prefer being low volume, high quality now, but I wasn't losing out. When I went independent I was the one losing compensation and sometimes even going in the hole when people would cancel. Hotels are expensive, travel is expensive. If I accept a date I block that time out. I do not accept another date. I am so glad deposits were made commonplace since the old days.

With that being said, deposits make some people uncomfortable because of the paper trail. One thing I recommend is putting consultation, or therapy in the notes. And also you can deposit paper cash into cash application (you know the real name but I'm not adding that here in case it becomes searchable!) I actually deposit cash myself because I have had only two bank accounts my entire life that were just mine not including a joint acct but I have had them for so long. I have a sense of loyalty to my last bank but the problem is there are only locations in new york freaking city, one in north jersey, and I think one randomly in DC but I don't like going into downtowns anymore. So what's a girl to do? I go to the cash application and you click deposit paper money (what a weird way of putting it, cash is going the way of the dinosaur!!!) Then you can find locations. I do mine often when I'm getting groceries and stuff at walmart but the lines are long. Down south here I have found a lot of dollar generals (hate them so haven't tried) and Walgreens accomodate these. I've also done 711 in Philly. And I've seen rando gas stations do them. You go in and say I want to do a cash application deposit and they do require your ID and you do need to remember there is a fee it's like a dollar or something? It's fast and easy you can send the deposit that way.

Also you can buy bitcoin with that cash which is an excellent excuse! You're welcome! I use bitcoin for ad websites so its not even fake.

Cell phones.

So I do require a real cell phone number for screening but you can text me from a voip once you have completely passed all screening. Then you can just download an app and delete it afterwards.


For the love of god do not use a freaking email that links to your god damn cloud! That is one way to get caught! If you use gmail use private browsing. If anything try to use the email on a place you can delete it because g mail does like keep stuff saved on your browsers. Just keep your head on when using email. I would love to never get an email from an angry wife again. I don't respond, and I understand they are upset but it's really none of my business. And at that point you will be on my personal DNS list for lack of discretion.


Do NOT ever put the hotel into your car gps use your phone, and remember to delete it! Once upon a time many years ago a client had left my address in their gps this was when I hosted out of my own personal apartment (never again!) And the wife found out and threatened to give my address to the police.

I hope this helps someone one day. I don't judge anyone for any of this obviously but I do want everyone to maintain their discretion and stay happy.

Until next time...xx Erica!

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