Small Winter Update - Insert Catchy Title Here...

I have started a new personal venture which changes my availability drastically. From now on, I will only be available Sunday afternoons and evenings, all day Monday and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays till 8 pm. I also am based in Willow Grove, PA so my tours are going to be very limited moving forward. Pre booking and notice was always important, but now it is paramount if you would like to book an experience with me.

I will be taking the last week of December, after Christmas, off to be with my family for a few days. I'll be working at my other job during Christmas so I will be with my family afterwards.

That being said, I hope everyone is staying safe and has fun activities planned. It's always good to have something to look forward to!

Sometime in January/February/March I will be visiting Charlotte, Nashville, and Cincinnati, I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure if they will be grouped in one trip but definitely check my twitter for updates!

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