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Random Update

Well I do think most people keep up to date with me with Twitter but if you don't I will try to update here periodically.

This summer was pretty entertaining, I went to Mexico with one of my best friends at the beginning of the summer and Europe at the end of the summer. Then I have been spending a lot of time with my family in the south and my sisters new lake house in the mountains. So it has not been boring one bit!

For the fall I am planning many trips to the mountains and then a trip down South to see one of my favorite clients and maybe make some new friends along the way. Then as we all know once the holiday season starts its a whirlwind until January. And January lasts for what feels like 2 months worth of time! I am going to try very hard to finish my school program this Fall/Winter, if you have any tips to help motivate me I am certainly open to them!

Now that the summer has faded so has my natural tan so it's back to the bottle lol! I still need my pool fix so I will be looking for places with great indoor pools. If you have any suggestions I love them!

Other than that I don't have too much to say. I got vaccinated this summer, the Moderna vaccine. I plan to get the booster basically whenever my sister tells me to lol! I am continuing wearing my mask and practicing good hygiene. We all have to do our part. And I will never run out of lysol again! Although I do end up leaving bottles at all my travels, what can you do lol?

My animals are all healthy, happy and well behaved. It is time for shots soon and getting groomed before it gets pretty cold, so I think they may not be happy with me for a day! That will blow over!

Remember to keep following my twitter for my most up to date touring information @dateerica also you can follow my switter too its a good back up in case anything goes wild on twitter. Politicians seem to hate adult workers and are constantly trying to eradicate us from the internet. Feel free to reach out if you ever cant seem to find me online.

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