Possible Tours, Fall Update

So this fall will be a fun one, who doesn't love fall? I'm a basic bitch and I love flannel shirts, leggings, autumnal decor, basically everything you find at Target. I can finally walk my dogs without getting four hundred thousand million bug bites. I've tried everything, I don't love off because of the chemicals its bad for the environment and certainly your health but it sometimes works.

Anyways, I will be sticking around the Northeast for a minute, then around the 23rd of September I need to go down to the farm so I'll be closest to Greensboro NC. I could be persuaded to stop in various Virginia spots on the way, just note the pups will be with me! I am not sure how long I will stay down there, I would like to get to Nashville TN but if I don't make it this time I will make it next trip.

Then I need to come up for a big family birthday event in October so I will be in NYC then. I'm sure I will be at the lake house as well so if you're in Scranton I can see you in October sometime. I will definetly be up North at least until after election day. If you know me, you know I wouldn't miss that for the freaking world!

After that...I don't know. Any suggestions? I would like to go South to the farm again and also where its warmer, (I love fall but no colder than that!) Thanksgiving I don't really celebrate, number one forced family days give me anxiety, number was a corrupt bullshit history holiday. Don't let me the grinch hurt your fun though lol, if you like it then I'm glad. It's not hurting me for you to like it.

Before I go off on another tangent. I hope if anyone reads this they have an amazing day, week, month, fall.

Remember to follow my new tw*tter @ericahothands I WILL be changing that ridiculous name when I feel okay with it, its funny, but I like my old one better.

xx Erica

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