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Happy New Years!

Happy new years all you horny sweet goats! Joking! Anyways, I am always excited about the new year because I love a constant fresh start!

So touring! I will be going down to my dads mid January. Tour dates are not 100% confirmed but Im aiming for them...

New York City January 9th to the morning/mid afternoon of the 10th

Roanoke, Virginia January 17th to the morning of the 18th

Greensboro, North Carolina January 19th to the 26th, I will be helping out at my family's farm with our horses but I can also do Raleigh or Charlotte during this time

Asheville, North Carolina January 27th to the 28th

Nashville (Goodlettsville,) Tennessee January 29th to the 31st

Boston (Waltham,) Massachusetts first weeks of February 2023

Hartford, Connecticut (before or after Boston) February 2023

When I am not on tour of course I am always available for dates in Westchester NY, NYC, All of New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, DC, and of course my home base of Pennsylvania. Remember I am based in Willow Grove, though my tryst ad does say King of Prussia, I never actually go there as all the years in my time being Erica it was bad luck and bad things can happen there. I always strive to protect your and my safety and discretion so I will never tour in KOP.

That was a lot, thank you for reading my first novella. I hope whatever you feel you are having a great, happy, healthy 2023.

xx Erica

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