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Don't Be Afraid Of Your Wild Side - Fetish Talk

Every companion has their own comfort level with fetishes, what they will discuss, and what they will participate in. I do prefer to have these conversations in person on our first rendezvous as things said over text can be taken wrong, and also it's just safer (IMO.) I also happen to be an extremely cautious, private person with certain things so I prefer private in person conversations.

I have a bit of a fetish background, when I was younger I worked at foot fetish parties. If we meet in person ask me about them, I can tell you some interesting stories. I am sure they are around still but I wouldn't know where to find them anymore. Working in strip clubs I came across many different fetishes also. From a cast fetish, shopping, I had a sugar daddy who wanted me to treat him like a dog. Really the sky is the limit.

I also worked on a website called Niteflirt. It was like a phone, or phone with cam website. I did both. I still have my page although I haven't updated the pictures or listings in like 10 years lol! For some time I worked full time just doing four hours a day of cam work and then Erica on the side. I have learned about alot of different fetishes from that site. I am dominant and not submissive at all. I love financial domination, ignore fetish, humiliation. But as the sub you are the one in control, you need to set limits and be open with communication.

You should never feel embarrassed about things you would like to try! But on the same coin, do not email a companion you have never met a lengthy email about your fetish. You may have the best of intentions, but we get constant emails of fantasy bookers who will never amount to anything. To be taken seriously, find the companion who excites you, meet with them and then have an open conversation about it if you find them to be agreeable.

There are also submissive companions out there if you are dominant. I am not the one for those wishes but just do a bit of research, hopefully the companion has a social media prescience so you can get a feel of their personality.

If anyone ever makes you feel weird for something you like, as long as you're not hurting anyone without their consent, you need to find someone else. You should never be belittled for something you like! It takes all kinds I always say. How boring would this life on Earth be if we all were the same and liked the same things.

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