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Date Ideas

If you're a regular client, and you really appreciate the time with your preferred companion, you may want to try new things together. This can create really fun memories!

The Classic 'Dinner Date'

Of course, trying new restaurants is always fun and you can experience new things together. Please do check with your companion about their preferences and allergies. Personally I do not have any food allergies or restrictions. Another tip is to send the restaurant you prefer to your companion so they can prepare appropriate attire.

Cook for You

Now I'm not sure this is for everyone, but I love to cook personally, and I also enjoy teaching people how to cook some things. For instance I think nothing beats home made pasta. It is a lengthy process and time consuming so make sure you keep that in consideration when booking or requesting a date like this. Also this you will need to plan ahead and let the companion know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

Pool And or Hot Tub Date

This will require planning ahead as the companion will need to find a hotel that can accommodate this type of date. If you follow my twitter you know that this is my favorite! If you prefer more privacy, you can also try to find a hotel with an in room large whirlpool tub. When swimming in public pools with my clients I do not do anything that I would do in the privacy of our hotel room. I do like to be discreet and obviously there are just so many issues with that. I like to keep what happens behind closed doors, behind closed doors.

Casino Date

I do love to go to the casinos and play a bit. Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two? I have one casino I love in Atlantic City, and a few others in other cities as well.

Other Ideas

This feels like a cop out lol but the top dates are my most common dates. I have other date ideas, I have had many clients who like to simply watch a movie or tv with me and we cuddle up and discuss what we like about it. I have clients who like to play games with me (board games or video games!) I would love to have a date at Longwood Gardens if the weather is agreeable. Theme parks are fun! You would really need to like someone to do that but it's an option! I also love picnics by lakes or at the beach. I even think volunteering somewhere would be so fulfilling and fun! The possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to bring up these ideas to your favorite companion. If you have any great ideas feel free to let me know!

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